Scott Hodson

“We started our firm with one thing in mind…our clients! Putting their needs first – before ours…”

Scott Hodson entered the financial services industry in 2005 and helped start two successful financial agencies in California and Texas. In 2014, he moved back home to Utah to be closer to family. Scott feels his entrepreneurial success in the financial industry in several different states is very much due to his success in helping his clients through the years.

Scott teamed up with Brad Anderson and Garret Ward to form SBG Advisory Group, LLC in 2018 and has brought great knowledge and value to the team, especially in the area of benefits—his goal is to help others better understand the benefits and entitlements available to them.

Putting his clients ahead of everything else has been the foundation of his career, and SBG Advisory Group’s philosophy embodies that approach. “We started our firm with one thing in mind…our clients! Putting their needs first—before ours—and always doing what is right for them is what we strive to do every single day. We don’t sell products, but instead we advise clients on sound financial decisions based on their situation and their goals,” Scott says.
Scott believes that advising people about what is in their best financial interest has to encompass their whole financial situation, including their debt, taxes and investments. “Every client’s situation is completely different, we are not a one-shoe-fits-all firm,” he says. “We deliberately chose to be independent so that we had access to many different types of strategies to help different types of clients with their unique needs.”

Close personal relationships are key to success as far as Scott is concerned. “Getting to know my clients and building a personal relationship with them makes me understand them better, and be more invested in their success. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to work with them on a one-to-one basis in tailoring a plan for their specific needs,” he says. “Constantly keeping in touch with my clients through the years also helps with their success. Life happens and family situations change, and so does the financial industry and economic environment. Two-way communication keeps us both informed, and contributes to the achievement of financial goals.”

Scott is married to his beautiful wife, Mandy, and has two little girls that keep him on his toes. They love to travel and be outdoors, whether it’s fishing, camping, or hunting, as long as they do it as a family.

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