Why Choose
SBG Advisory Group

We don’t sell products—we don’t “sell” anything. What we do, through a process of interviews and meetings, is come up with financial goals that you wish to achieve. We give you different options to help meet your goals and needs, outlining the pros and cons of each option. There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to finances, and our commitment is to simplify complex principles, and explain your options so that you can understand and make decisions you are comfortable with. We then work with you to implement, evaluate and modify your plan over time..

Our Philosophy

Almost every decision you make revolves around money in some fashion. Rather than become emotional, avoid dealing with it, or spend time worrying about money, we believe in creating and following a solid, realistic, understandable financial plan based on your unique situation and goals.

Our Objective

  1. Get our clients more money in retirement,
  2. without adding additional risk and
  3. without affecting their current monthly budgets.

We can’t always accomplish all three things, but that’s our goal. We stay in communication consistently via email, text and in-person meetings and reviews.

Commitment to Integrity

We strongly believe that our clients come first, and the relationship we have with each person is our most valuable asset. We appreciate every client, and we acknowledge the huge responsibility of guiding them through the complicated world of retirement and financial planning.

Who We Serve

We work with individuals, couples, multi-generational families and business owners in Utah and Idaho. Teachers are a special emphasis for our firm, and we have a lot of expertise in helping people with retirement and 403(b) planning. We believe in the importance of working with all family members, especially spouses, so that all key players understand the financial plan and have a part in it.

SBG Advisory Group Founders and Owners

Although we have decades of serious experience, most people think of us as fun and energetic people to work with—we aren’t your normal, boring, numbers guys. We treat clients like we treat close friends or family members. We are best friends ourselves, and that carries through and permeates our organization. Our fiduciary duty to you is of primary importance to us. We continually work to change our own lives—personal and professional—for the better, and we want to do the same for you. We are family-oriented, and we want to help you make decisions to provide for and protect your family.

Brian G. Anderson, CPA

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Garret Ward

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Scott Hodson

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