Brian G. Anderson
CPA, Owner

“I wake up and go to bed thinking of my clients and how to make their dreams possible.”

Brian G. Anderson has spent his entire 20-plus-year career in financial services prior to founding SBG Advisory Group, LLC along with his two best friends.

“We started the firm to provide sound and solid advice to our clients in a world of excess information. We are not about doing the latest get-rich fad or the next big opportunity that your brother-in-law’s best friend’s cousin has for your money. We believe in building a solid and comprehensive plan for our clients to get to retirement and enjoy their retirement. Our client’s job is to work and focus on their jobs and families; our job is to focus on them and their retirement plans. It’s our sole focus,” Brian says.

As a CPA, Brian has deep and varied experience in many facets of finance. He was the operating partner for a private equity group of investments held in the state of Washington, was director of operations at a regional debt fund, and was chief financial officer (CFO) of a large national insurance agency.

He spent his early career in public accounting, consulting with small- to medium-sized businesses after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Utah State University and his Master’s degree from University of Utah.
He then moved on to specialize in serving public reporting companies in a wide range of industries. Brian also spent two years in Washington, D.C. working for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and has served on numerous advisory boards in the public and private sectors.

“My experience with a wide variety of industries and challenges enhances my understanding of clients’ needs, and also provides a different perspective of what is out there to help clients. I can be more out-of-the-box in my approach to planning and understanding clients’ current portfolios, debt and needs,” he says.

Brian loves getting outdoors with family and friends, whether it’s golfing, hunting, fishing or camping. But his passion is helping clients. “I wake up and go to bed and everywhere in between thinking of my clients and how to make their dreams possible. I look at each individual client as a puzzle that needs to be solved for their specific situation; there is not one glove size that fits all and there are usually many different ways to accomplish the same goal. My clients chose me because I’m their advocate, I’m in their corner fighting for them. I take that responsibility very personally.”

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